Darkside Soap presents - Bunny Magnet soap

You like bunnies? Well, you better, because once they get a whiff of this delicious-smelling Carrot Cake scented soap, you'll have to beat them away with a stick. You can also try to outrun them, but you should know that rabbits can run up to 30 mph...Much faster than you, slow-poke.

This soap was made using peanut oil, corn oil & coconut oil, so bunnies won't be the only animal that will consider you a sweet-smelling tasty treat.

This soap really does smell nice, and it's swirled with rich red/black colors....being hassled by woodland creatures is a small price to pay for soap that looks & smells this good.

**peanut allergy warning** Do not touch, smell or look at this soap if you are allergic to peanuts!

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