Darkside Soap presents - Indifference Soap

Some soaps strive for greatness, some have a fantastic color or scent. Indifference Soap really doesn't care about those things. You'll be hard-pressed to find soap less exciting than Indifference Soap. Made from olive oil & coconut oil, Indifference Soap has no need for any fancy colors or fragrances, this soap is as pure (and dull) as you can get. The color & the natural-scent may vary slightly depending on the brand of Olive Oil used, but Indifference Soap really doesn't care about that.

Although Indifference Soap will never admit this, it really does care about getting you clean, and this long-lasting soap has a rich lather than will leave you feeling fresh all day....just don't expect Indifference Soap to admit it.

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