Darkside Soap presents - Zomething Different (R.I.P. Zima)

How the heck did a Zima get in the Darkside Lab fridge?!? We certainly would never drink this stuff and we have no idea who would have brought a bottle of it into the lab, but there it was, sitting there in the back of the fridge. So, we did what anyone would do when faced with a similar situation, we dumped it in a cauldron and made soap from it. This appears to be Zima’s true reason for existing, it made some really nice soap. As you may know, Zima is no longer with us (R.I.P.), so this will be a limited run of just 7 bars. As a tribute to the clear Zima, no artificial color was added to the soap (except a little blue…hmmm, so maybe it wasn’t much of a tribute after all) and a light scent of Ginger Pear was added. We don’t really know what Zima actually tasted like, but we're guessing it was a lot like Ginger Pear.

...oh, and even though we added blue coloring, the soap turned out for be a rust-green color...go figure. Zima acts in mysterious ways.