Darkside Soap presents - Chicken Pox

Don't you miss the days when you had chicken pox? Aside from some general malaise (and looking like a zitty mutant), you were able to stay home from school, watch television all day & eat whatever you wanted...while covered in a think salve. Well now you can relive those warm fuzzy days with Chicken Pox soap. Each flesh-colored bar contains hundreds of strategically placed red jojoba beads. If you've never experienced jojoba beads before, imagine a soap that's ribbed for your pleasure, it feels a lot like that. The scent is a blend of citrus, honeydew, water lily & mulberry; it's a really crisp scent. The scent desciption said "it's like navigating a kayak through icy waters" which I thought sounded really stupid until I smelled the soap, it actually makes sense.

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