Darkside Soap presents - (Not so) Pure Evil

Uh oh, we thought we did it again. As you know, the first batch of Pure Evil was basically straight from hell. From the moment this batch started swirling around in the cauldron, we knew something unholy was going on again. The color is pure black…and if you look closely, you can see subtle sneaky hints of red in each bar. We thought oh no, here we go again...but then we tried the soap. Wow, is that a citrus scent mixed with subtle hints of pine & peppermint? Oh, that smells nice. Wow, my skin feels nice too and I'm no longer covered in fleas, could that be Pennyroyal Essential oil that I feel? The same Pennyroyal Essential oil that is reputed to repel insects? Wow, that was a really nice thing to add. Even the color isn't as black as the original, it's kinda gray around the edges.
Perhaps this soap isn't as evil as we once thought? ...oh wait, apparently in folklore, witches used Pennyroyal plants to make people see double. Hmmm, I guess we'd better still keep our disclaimer*.

* Note - Use of this product may turn your shower into a portal straight to the deepest reaches of hell.