Darkside Soap presents - That @#$%!! Round soap

You know why you don't see a lot of round soaps? Because it's a big pain in the a** to make them. We read online that a Pringles can makes a great soap mold, so we thought we’d give it a try. How hard can it be, the soap will just slide out of the mold & all is well, right?
Well, something very bad happens when the liquid soap meets the inside of a Pringles can. We think it must be the same technique that they use to make Crazy Glue. The soap sticks to the sides like you wouldn't believe.
No problem, we can just peel away the Pringles can, right? No, you'd be wrong...when adhered to sticky soap, the Pringles can does nothing resembling the word 'peel'. Plucking dime-sized piece after piece of cardboard from sticky soap is a much better description of the process. Actually, the best way we can describe in is, have you ever tried to peel the skin off of a hot dog? It's EXACTLY like that.
The soap smells like Carrot Cake and each bar is nice & thick (about 4 oz.). Some of the edges are nice & smooth...but most aren't. The soap itself actually came out really nice, but it's a one time offer, we are NOT making it again.