Darkside Soap website is moving

Ok, here's the deal...I'm gonna quit updating this Darkside Soap blog. It's a pain in the butt to update & it's no longer the best place to get info about Darkside Soap.

For the latest & greatest updates, go to the Darkside Soap Facebook page. Facebook Fans get 20% off their order, so it just makes good sense.

Also, I'm going to reroute DarksideSoap.com link to the Etsy shop. That's where you'd go to buy the soap...so effective immediately, when you go to darksidesoap.com, you'll no longer be taken to this page. Which begs the question...how did you get here to read this?!?!? Get over to the Facebook Page or the Etsy Shop, that's where all the action is.


Darkside Soap Mgmt.